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Deep Learning is revolutionizing the business world with its power of prediction

The only drawback is that you need scarce and expensive data scientists to create algorithms and run the predictions.

The days when only experienced data scientists could do predictive analytics are over

With Pecan, every company can harness the full power of predictive deep learning without any prior data science knowledge.

Make smarter decisions, with deep learning predictive models

Pecan’s neural networks automatically discover business patterns hidden deep in your data.

Self-service deep learning platform, built for predictive business analytics and designed for data and business analysts

Pecan automates the entire Business Analytics process and modernizes it with state-of-the-art Predictive Deep Learning. By automatically carrying out the responsibilities of expert data scientists, Pecan eliminates the knowledge and price barriers which are preventing you from joining the Deep Learning revolution and outflanking your competition.

Automated deep learning analytics tailored to Your organization

Pecan assembles a stack of Neural Networks, unique to your business and trained on your data, and does so in less than a day and with no human intervention.

How Does Pecan Work?

deep learning predictive analytics platform engine

Pecan provides 3 types of deep predictions that allow you to:

✓ Predict what’s going to happen

✓ See how likely it is to happen

✓ Understand what makes it happen

✓ And investigate how actions will impact that event

Pecan’s Predictive Hypotheses engine allows you to predict the repercussions of various business decisions

✓ Replace guesstimates and analysis paralysis, with scientific Decision Intelligence.

✓ Make confident data-driven business decisions and leave risky gambles to your competitors.

With Pecan you can predict

Behaviors of prospects, leads and customers

·      Churn

·      Lifetime-value

·      Next-best-offer

·      User/customer segmentation and profiling

Business and operational outcomes

·      Credit score

·      Probability of default

·      Fraud detection

·      Lead scoring

·      Net promoter score

Industrial and Manufacturing Outcomes

·      Predictive maintenance

·      Localization

·      Sensor analysis

·      Inventory control

·      Pricing optimization

·      Revenue (and expenses) prediction

·      Shelf-localization

About Pecan

Established in 2016 by founders who hold PhDs in computational neuroscience, theoretical biology, physics and math, Pecan develops state-of-the-art automated deep learning technologies.  Pecan ensures that tasks currently performed only by data scientists, are fully automated and integrated into a single coherent platform.

With zero-code data discovery, autonomous feature engineering and fully automated state-of-the-art deep learning – Pecan provides your company with the fastest way to AI, risk-free.

It's time to plug your organization into its future.

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