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Pecan is the world’s only automated deep learning predictive analytics platform

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The fastest way from raw data to AI, risk-free

The Pecan Platform automates the entire predictive analytics process, dramatically reducing “time-to-model” from months to days.

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Inventory control
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Make smarter decisions with deep learning models

Pecan's wide variety of ready-to-go predictive model templates help you see results fast.

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Your data speaks to you - now you can really listen

Plug your raw data into Pecan’s self-wiring deep neural nets and unravel business insights hidden deep in your data.

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Pecan's 3 types of predictions

  • Predict outcomes and their probability
  • Understand what drove each outcome
  • Run simulations and measure the impact of your business decisions
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Predicting frauds

“Within a week, we used Pecan to build a deep learning predictive model that helps us maintain elite system reliability for our customers, by allowing us to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions in real-time, with only 4% false positives.”
COO, payment processing enterprise

Predicting lifetime value

"Using Pecan, we were able, within less than a week, to build a deep learning model from our raw data. We use Pecan to identify, in advance, hundreds of high-value customers a month. The additional revenue derived from this valuable knowledge is estimated at millions of USD a year."
CEO, gaming platform

Retention of high value customers

"Within 2 weeks of using Pecan, we were able to train a deep learning model that is able to accurately predict high value customers that were most likely to churn. Our team of business analysts was then able to use pecan and identify ahead of time for each of those customers, the specific root cause that was prompting that customer to churn."
CEO, analytics platform

About the company

Established in 2016 by PhDs in computational neuroscience, theoretical biology, physics and math, Pecan develops state of the art automated deep learning technologies. 

With zero-code data discovery, feature engineering and self wiring deep neural nets – Pecan provides the fastest way to AI. 

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